A6 Alliance Chair reiterates commitment to delivering digitalisation and decarbonisation of Europe’s airspace

Following his reappointment as chair of the A6 Alliance Steering Board, Janusz Janiszewski, President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency has reiterated the alliance’s commitment to modernising European airspace through advanced technology and research and development.

I am delighted to be reappointed as Chair of the A6 Alliance. It is a critical year for our industry. With vaccines being rolled out we must be prepared for people wanting to fly again. But as traffic returns, we must take the opportunity to decarbonise our industry – said Janusz Janiszewski.

– The members of the A6 Alliance remain committed to working together to modernise Europe’s airspace by developing and deploying the latest tools and technology that will support a digital Single European Sky and a sustainable future for our industry – adds Janiszewski.

The A6 Alliance includes the largest air navigation services providers in Europe. The group was established in 2011 to coordinate the research and development and investment of the providers within the SESAR programme (Single European Sky ATM Research). In addition, the A6 Alliance focuses on key strategic areas of common interest to its members related to transport and aviation regulations.

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