PANSA – Polish Air Navigation Services Agency


Every day Polish Air Navigation Services Agency ensures safety of passengers in more than 2,500 flights over Poland. We have one of the biggest airspace in Europe: over 334,000 km2. Almost a million overflights, approaches, take-offs and landings in 2019 were supervised by almost 600 air traffic controllers employed in Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, as well as around 240,000 General Aviation flights under watch of the Flight Information Service (FIS). Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is also the only institution in Poland training and employing civil air traffic controllers (so-called ATCOs). We also provide Flight Inspection Services for monitoring the proper operation of ground-based navigation aids from the air. PANSA also builds and develops tools for efficient management and planning of airspace: CAT (Common Airspace Tool) – that ensures accurate and efficient management of the airspace, PANDORA – that supports controllers and other operations personnel with the wide spectrum of a real time aviation data, raising their situational awareness, PANSA UTM – system for UAV flight coordination, TRAFFIC – Track Advisor for Flight Information Concerns, which provides the ATM system information from flight plans, as amended and complementary messages.

PANSA – ACC center in Warsaw

PANSA headquarters in Warsaw


Anita Oleksiak is graduate of the Faculty of Construction at the Military University of Technology. In 2018 she graduated from MBA studies at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. At the same university, in 2020, she defended her diploma in Psychology in Business. Until 2022 she worked in top management positions in the state administration. Since 2013 Director of the Department in the Main Office of Construction Supervision in Warsaw, since 2017 Acting Chief Inspector of Construction Supervision. From 2018 to 2020, acting Deputy Chief Inspector of Road Transport. Since 2020, she served as Director of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways in Gdańsk.For more than 10 years she has been implementing large-scale construction investments, dealing mainly with the infrastructure construction industry. On March 31, 2022 appointed by the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki upon the motion of the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk as the President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

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