A6 Alliance members present their history at Chopin Airport

While the air traffic in Poland and Europe is returning, on Wednesday (July 1) an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of air traffic control (ATC) was inaugurated at Warsaw Chopin Airport. This is another initiative of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and the largest European providers of air navigation services associated in the A6 Alliance, which is chaired by the president of PANSA Janusz Janiszewski.

Photos presenting the history of air traffic control at various European airports over the past 100 years were to be an important point of this year’s World ATM Congress in Madrid. The ceremonial inauguration of the exhibition prepared by the European ANSP agencies was planned to take place at the Polish Embassy in Madrid. Unfortunately, due to a coronavirus pandemic, the congress was cancelled, therefore the decision to postpone the opening of the exhibition was made.

We decided that the inauguration of international flights from Poland is a great opportunity to present the exhibition to a wider audience, and Warsaw Chopin Airport is the perfect place. Today, aviation has begun the process of waking up from a coma. Therefore, wondering what it will look like in a few months or years, it is worth stopping for a moment to see how air traffic control once looked – said President Janusz Janiszewski.

From the left: Mariusz Szpikowski, president of PPL, Ewa Suchora-Natkaniec, deputy president of PANSA, Janusz Janiszewski, president of PANSA.

At Chopin Airport we are happy that we can make our space available for interesting and valuable exhibitions. The current one perfectly matches the series of educational and historical exhibitions showing the achievements of our country. The moment to launch this exhibition is perfect – today we are launching the next stage of defrosting air traffic, and life comes back to the airport – said Mariusz Szpikowski, President of PPL, Director of Chopin Airport.

The origins of ATC date back to the 1920s, and the last hundred years is a history intertwined with the most important and tragic events in European history. Air traffic control has played and will continue to play a key role in this development. Its units and their continuous modernization and development allow millions of passengers every day to safely reach all parts of our globe.

We invite everyone to a photographic journey showing the age of ATC! For those who plan their journey a bit later and cannot see it, the online version is available at: a6alliance.net/theageofatc


  • Instruments ensuring financial liquidity and more flexible timeframes for the implementation of infrastructure projects – these are the main postulates of Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) associated in the A6 Alliance
  • A joint appeal to the European Commission and the Innovation and Network Executive Agency (INEA) is the result of a difficult situation caused by the unprecedented crisis in the entire aviation industry and by the loss of revenues of European air traffic services agencies
  • A6 Alliance emphasizes the need to carry out all EU infrastructure implementation projects, but also to adapt to the reality changed by COVID-19

There was, on average, a 90% downturn in traffic over Europe due to the COVID-19 epidemic, unprecedentedly affecting the whole aviation industry, and effectively – the revenues of air navigations services providers. Even though deprived of their income and despite the crisis, agencies have not suspended works on critical infrastructure development, also those under EU programmes. They want to be ready to handle the traffic once it is restored, in order to support the European economy to the highest possible extent. However, in a joint statement, agencies indicate that this will not be possible without additional support from the European Commission.

The CEOs of A6 Alliance called upon Director Henrik Hololei of the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE), and Director Dirk Beckers of the Innovation and Network Executive Agency (INEA), for adjustment of requirements of EU programmes according to the current situation in the airspace caused by COVID-19.

The agencies insist on more flexible timeframes for the implementation of infrastructure projects under the EU programs and with support of EU funding, which will give time to adapt to the current aviation market landscape.

A6 is asking for postponement of the dates of both the INEA funded implementation projects and of the EU regulation PCP/CP1.

The agencies also called for instruments ensuring financial liquidity, e.g. increasing the level of upfront payments for co-financed projects, optimizing payments for completed projects, securing and increasing the level of project co-financing in the next financing period of the Connecting Europe Facility (2021-2027), ensuring adequate financial support for industrialization phase of the SESAR Technology Program in order to effectively implement mature innovative solutions.

As members of A6 Alliance, we strongly agree that we should focus on joint approaches using the SDM forum, so that we can keep investing in a coordinated manner to deliver a modern ATM system that supports the European air transport value chain and delivers benefits to Europe’s citizens and economy, particularly as we seek to recover from this most challenging of times – said Janusz Janiszewski, chairman of the A6 Alliance Steering Board and president of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

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In this difficult and demanding time we wish you good health, peace, faith and hope for a safe tomorrow. As aviation community we must stay strong and united!

Please find Easter message from Janusz Janiszewski, Chairman of the A6 Steering Board and PANSA CEO:


Certainly this is not the Easter that we expected, but still there is much to be grateful for. When the world has stopped, traditional Easter celebrations will look very different. With the social isolation, it’s even more important to stay connected. At this specific time we would like to wish you all the best and, above all, a lot of health, persistence and solidarity. We work hard to protect our employees, cope with the crisis and support our partners and customers. As aviation stakeholders, we have to stay together at this time. Happy Easter to all of you and may our sky fill up with thousands of aircraft again! – said Janusz Janiszewski, Chairman of the A6 Steering Board.

  • President of PANSA officially took over the chairmanship of the A6 Steering Board
  • A6 Alliance is an alliance of the largest European air navigation institutions

On Wednesday, December 11th Janusz Janiszewski, President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency officially took over the chairmanship of the A6 Alliance Steering Board. This is the first time when a Pole will preside over the Alliance’s highest decision-making body.

The one-year term began on 1 January 2020. Until the end of December this function was performed by Roberta Neri, CEO of ENAV.

– I would like to thank Roberta, who has chaired the A6 Alliance for the last two years, for her and her team’s involvement in promoting our group. The A6 Alliance has a great potential and we should make the best use of it – said Janusz Janiszewski, President of PANSA.

The next meeting of the A6 Steering Board is planned in March 2020 at the Polish Embassy in Madrid as an event accompanying the World ATM Congress 2020.

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