Discussing the future of SESAR

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news_sesarThe A6 Strategy Board met the European Commission’s Director of Air Transport Matthew Baldwin, Maurizio Castelletti, Head of Unit Single Sky and ATC Modernisation and Nicolas Warinsko of the DG MOVE on 7 March, to renew the ANSPs joint commitment  to a successful deployment phase of SESAR.

Europe’s most influential service providers represented in the A6 group (AENA, DFS, DSNA, ENAV, NATS and NORACON A6 Group) are proactively engaged in a co-ordinated approach to support the ATM infrastructure modernisation process at the institutional level and to keep it at the forefront of Brussels’ political agenda.

To that end, during the meeting in Amsterdam, the A6 Alliance confirmed their full support to come up with solutions to complete the work on deployment planning, implementation and execution and emphasised the need for innovative and integrated financing/funding mechanisms, by pooling all possible resources for the synchronised deployment of the SESAR Concept.

“Continue with your enthusiasm and motivation to support all the initiatives for the achievement of major improvements in the European ATM system,” Matthew Baldwin said.

“This meeting was extremely productive, as we have set a clear course of action to meet these important challenges,” said Massimo Garbini, ENAV CEO. “We look forward to even closer cooperation with the EC DG MOVE and our European Partners in supporting the elaboration and adoption of all measures aiming at the implementation of SESAR as a major strategic tool for Europe’s  industry leadership and competitiveness in the future.”