A6 Alliance Positions

Europe is working collaboratively to deliver a sustainable  Single European Sky.  The whole aviation industry is contributing to the thinking that will deliver this. 

The A6 Alliance foresees a very different airspace environment by 2035.  A shift from air traffic management (ATM) towards air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM).  Airspace “super-structures” that enable large swathes of airspace to be operated with new Operational Concepts, unconstrained by national boundaries, fully supporting Free Route Airspace. Fully interoperable ground-based systems and common flight data, enabling seamless operations and a high degree of automation of service delivery. Controllers focused on strategic input and monitoring rather than tactical intervention.  Operational resilience will be critical.

On this page you can access the A6 Alliance position papers on some of the industry’s major initiatives to help deliver the SES.

A6 Position on ADS-C Common Services

Report from the Wise Person Group

SJU Airspace Architecture Study

CEF Funding

Single European Sky Digital Backbone

ECA report on the Single European Sky

Drones and the role of ANSPs in U-Space