Our achievements

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Through the SESAR Programme, A6 Alliance members have identified, and are developing and deploying, new operational concepts and technologies that are fundamental to delivering the Single European Sky objectives.

We have played a crucial role since the inception of the SESAR programme and now through SESAR 2020, the current phase of SESAR R&D, developing high-performing operational and technological solutions for the aviation industry. The programme supports projects developing and validating concepts in five key areas: airport operations, network operations, air traffic services, technology enablers and, ultimately, U-space drone traffic management.

The A6 Alliance has played a key role contributing to the development of many mature, validated solutions which are now being implemented.

In SESAR 1 A6 Alliance members:

  • Participated in more than 200 individual R&D projects
  • Managed 6 work packages, 120 projects and more than 180 validation exercises
  • Contributed some 200 million Euro to SESAR R&D

In SESAR 2020, A6 Alliance members are working in the execution of Wave 1 projects and preparing Wave 2 proposals. In Wave 1 we are:

  • Participating in all 24 consolidated projects with their solutions
  • Leading seven of these projects
  • Ensuring the completion of 68 SESAR solutions
  • Leading 30 of these projects
  • Participating in SJU U-space demonstrators

SESAR Deployment Manager: In their role as SESAR DM airlines, airports and the A6 Alliance are delivering significant added value and buy-in to investments in modernizing European ATM:

  • 349 projects in the deployment chain
  • 105 fully completed air traffic modernization projects
  • 225 ongoing and 19 more planned projects
  • EUR 3 billion is planned to be spent on the projects
  • 70% of this amount is coming from ANSPs and, of that 70%, 80% is coming from A6 Alliance members

Delivering value: In 2019 SESAR projects are expected to save 363,000 delay minutes, worth some 10 million Euro.

Foundations for the future

SES Digital Backbone: The A6 Alliance and EUROCONTROL launched the SES Digital Backbone (SDB) initiative. The idea was to establish an over-arching governance framework of operational stakeholders, the SES Shared Services Alliance (3SA) to manage the multiple and essential data and information exchange components necessary for end-to-end digitalization of European ATM. It delivered many benefits including a common safe and cyber secure context for all data access components, encouraging better sharing and use of information through a common trustworthy platform and improving interoperability. The SDB was a ground-breaking initiative, and was an important first step to achieving the pre-requisites set out in the SESAR JU’s Airspace Architecture Study.

The A6 Alliance and EUROCONTROL worked jointly with the SDM on the organisation of a “Kick-Off Workshop on the SES Digital Backbone and its Governance” on 5th April, addressed to all Operational Stakeholders.

U-Space: The A6 Alliance is at the leading edge of the emerging environment of U-Space, using their current capabilities and competencies and preparing solutions that would satisfy drone operators and at the same time the safety of manned aviation operating within the same airspace.