Making SESAR a success

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The A6 Alliance plays a leading role in the SESAR Programme.

  • Participation in more than 200 R&D projects
  • A6 Alliance members have managed 6 work packages, 120 projects and more than 180 validation exercises
  • More than 1200 people from the A6 Alliance members have been involved as contributors to SESAR activities from the outset
  • A6 Alliance has contributed about 200 million Euro to SESAR R&D so far

SESAR results already bringing about benefits

Since the launch of SESAR, very significant results have been achieved: so far, 25 SESAR solutions are ready to be deployed. The A6 Alliance has led the ANSP contribution to the first SESAR development phase by validating the SESAR solutions.

17 SESAR solutions have already been put into operation for example:

  • Arrival management and point merge
  • Time-based separation
  • User-preferred routing
  • Enhanced STCA with down-linked parameters

7 SESAR solutions are partially deployed, for example:

  • Multi-sector planning
  • Continuous descent operations
  • Free route

18 SESAR solutions will be deployed in the coming years, for example:

  • Single remote tower operations for medium traffic volumes
  • Arrival management for multiple airports
  • Automated support for traffic complexity detection and resolution
  • Integration of target time in flow management

The A6 Alliance will continue to play a significant role in SESAR 2020. We will participate in all the 28 projects, and will ensure the completion of 34 new SESAR solutions. Ten of these projects will be led by A6 Alliance members.