The A6 Alliance welcomes the common way forward to jointly modernise the European ATM system

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The A6 Alliance, as one of the signatories of the industry declaration on the future of the Single European Sky, praises the cooperative spirit of all the operational stakeholders to jointly commit to contribute to improving the European ATM system.

Being heavily involved in the technical and operational developments and deployment of SESAR solutions, the A6 Alliance believes that digital transformation is fundamental to deliver the Europe-wide systems and technology developments to support the move towards a Digital European Sky.

The A6 Alliance sees the need to transform the initial airspace architecture transition plan into a realistic and robust detailed implementation plan, based on mature and validated concepts.

ANSPs want to play a proactive role in the implementation of measures to improve the ATM network as a whole, but they cannot do it alone. Achieving a high performing and modern network requires the involvement and cooperation of all partners across the industry (ANSPs, Airports, Airspace Users, Staff and the EU Network Manager) and of Member States and the EU institutions. The joint declaration is a strong commitment towards such a change.

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