A6 Alliance Welcomes Collaborative Approach to Summer 2023

  • The A6 Alliance is committed to a partnership approach with EUROCONTROL Network Manager, Airports and Airlines working together to maximise available capacity for Summer 2023.
  • Aviation players in Europe face up to 5,000 more flights daily than the same period last year and concrete measures will be in place to maximise capacity and reduce delays.

The CEOs of the A6 Alliance and the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM), along with other key ANSPs, airports and airlines agreed a common approach to ensure that Summer 2023 is manageable for all stakeholders.

While challenges continue to exist, with up to 15% increase in traffic with less airspace available in Europe, all parties committed to 4 key actions in order to maximise capacity and reduce delays:

  • prioritising of the first rotation of aircraft in the mornings,
  • disciplined flight plan execution,
  • delivering agreed capacities
  • realistic airline schedules including turnaround times.

The Irish Aviation Authority’s Chief Executive, Peter Kearney, as Chairman of the A6 Alliance stated “The Air Navigation Service Providers of the A6 Alliance handle approximately 80% of the traffic in the network and are fully committed to the partnership approach that has been established ahead of this summer.

It is critically important to have a realistic plan in place across the network this summer in order to ensure an acceptable level of service delivery. The A6 Alliance is unwavering in its commitment to providing the best possible service and is united in relation to the actions identified to maximise available capacity throughout this summer period.”