A6 supports set up of Pilot Common Project

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news_controllerIn preparation for setting up the Deployment Manager, the A6 is supporting the EC in defining and executing the Interim Deployment Programme (IDP) and in identifying the contents of the Pilot Common Project (PCP) for SESAR Deployment.

Common Projects are understood to be the legal instrument enabling EU funding and financing to the SESAR Deployment Programme. The EC is currently finalising its Guidance Material on Common Projects to help understanding of the different governance layers for SESAR deployment and how they fit with current Regulations.

Common Projects content must be extracted directly from the ATM Master Plan (ATMMP); a common project would therefore consist of a comprehensive subset of implementation objectives extracted from the ATMMP.

A common project should include a cost benefit analysis to provide evidence that it will benefit all operational stakeholders. The key investors (airspace users, ANSPs, Airports) should be invited to endorse these benefits before the common project is adopted, committing States and stakeholders to its implementation. Once adopted, the common project would then be translated
by the Deployment Manager into the Deployment Programme.

A6 is supporting the SESAR JU in fulfilling its EC mandate to provide the contents of the first PCP. The JU is doing this through a Steering Group to provide strategic direction, with expert groups exploring mature solutions ready for synchronised deployment in the following areas:

  • Traffic synchronisation
  • Network collaborative management, demand and capacity balancing and
    free route.
  • Airport integration and throughput
  • Conflict management and automation
  • System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

The A6 is confident its contribution to the pilot common project definition will determine a feasible set of technical areas to which airspace users, airport and air navigation service providers can commit to deploy.