After a successful Chairmanship, ENAIRE’s Steering Board term comes to an end.

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After a successful Chairmanship, which saw enhanced A6 joint collaboration with European institutions and a strong focus on maximising synergies among its member, ENAIRE’s Steering Board term comes to an end. 

  • In 2022, ENAIRE, the Spanish Air Navigation Service Provider, led the A6 Alliance CEOs Steering Board.
  • At its last A6 Steering Board meeting on 14th of December, Angel Luis Arias, ENAIRE CEO, reflected on the achievements to date and the remaining challenges for the year ahead.
  • Angel Luis Arias entrusted the A6 Alliance Chairmanship to Peter Kearney, COOPANS CEO representative.

The A6 Alliance incorporates the leading European air navigation service providers, which are responsible for the safe management of more than 80% of air traffic in Europe and 70% of R&D investments in the future European ATM infrastructure: Germany (DFS), France (DSNA), Italy (ENAV), Spain (ENAIRE), United Kingdom (NATS), Poland (PANSA), Switzerland (Skyguide) and the group of providers that comprise the COOPANS alliance, including Austria (Austro Control), Croatia (Croatia Control), Denmark (Naviair), Ireland (Irish Aviation Authority), Portugal (NAV Portugal) and Sweden (LFV).

During 2022, the A6 Alliance has strengthened its collaboration and commitment to maximize the synergies among its members, to deliver customer and network-oriented benefits and provide leadership at a European level. The A6 Alliance led the following critical technical and strategic initiatives:

  • Research, development and deployment activities through a coordinated participation of its members in the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking and in the SDIP (SESAR Deployment & Infrastructure Partnership) consortium.
  • Contribution to the SES (Single European Sky) ongoing legislative reform, in close collaboration and in line with the work undertaken by CANSO.
  • Active participation in key digitalisation projects, building up each individual pillar of the SES Digital Backbone (SDB).
  • Addressing key strategic aspects regarding ANSP Service Provision and Performance.
  • Rebuilding the aviation chain, together with Airspace Users (AUs) and Airport Operators (AOs), actively contributing to the SDIP ACE (Annual Conference of Executives).
  • Strengthening further A6 technological partnering.
  • Reinforcing the A6 coordination of operational and technical matters in the Network Manager technical forum (NDTECH), as well as active participation in specific projects of A6 common interest (e.g.: SWIM, Flight Object-Interoperability, Trajectory Based Operations).
  • A6 leading the emerging environment of U-Space (e.g. know-how and expertise sharing concerning the future deployment of U-Space services).

“We have focused our vision and direction, and strengthened our visibility, building trust together, playing an active role in the renewed strategic SESAR Bodies and steering the technical improvement of ATM and UTM.” – said Angel-Luis Arias ENAIRE General Director.

About A6 Alliance

The A6 Alliance includes the largest air navigation services providers in Europe, responsible for the safe management of more than 80% of Europe’s air traffic. The group was established in June 2011 to coordinate the research and development and investment of the providers within the SESAR programme (Single European Sky ATM Research). Our focus is on the key strategic areas of common interest to our members, influencing the transport and aviation regulations to support our industry’s development. Our members represent more than 70% of the investment in the future European ATM infrastructure, working together to identify and deploy the latest technology to deliver benefits to our airline customers, passengers and the environment.

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