COOPANS Concludes Tenure Chairing A6 Alliance with Notable Achievements in European Air Traffic Management

20th December, Dublin — As COOPANS completes its term chairing the A6 Alliance, we reflect on a year marked by significant milestones in advancing European Air Traffic Management (ATM). Driven by collaborative efforts, the A6 Alliance, comprising European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), navigated challenges and facilitated a sustained recovery in air travel across various jurisdictions post-pandemic.

In his final address as Chairman of the the A6 Alliance, Dr. Peter Kearney, Chief Executive of AirNav Ireland, emphasised the collaborative journey undertaken throughout 2023 within the Alliance and with key industry stakeholders.

Dr. Kearney stressed how important the A6 Alliance engagement with key partners such as DG MOVE, Eurocontrol, the Network Manager, SDM, S3JU, ACI and airline representatives was. The collaborative efforts have played a pivotal role in our pursuits, fostering a constructive environment for shared goals. As we continue to navigate and advocate for areas of mutual interest, we anticipate further synergies and an enduring partnership.

“Celebrating the culmination of a collaborative journey throughout 2023, the A6 Alliance has navigated challenges together, seeking to address demands on personnel, adverse weather, and airspace limitations amidst the war in Ukraine. These experiences have been invaluable, setting the stage for a more resilient Summer 2024, where we strive to elevate services for both airlines and passengers, leveraging the lessons we’ve gained along the way” said Dr. Kearney

The A6 Alliance actively engaged in pivotal activities, notably chairing the Annual Conference of Executives for the SESAR Deployment and Infrastructure Partnership. This provided an opportunity to reflect on progress over the previous year, there was a strong commitment by all of the member groupings to continue the effective collaboration.

Acknowledging the critical phase in European ATM’s future, the A6 Alliance began contributing to updating a streamlined Master Plan led by the third SESAR Joint Undertaking, supporting its completion which is expected in 2024.

Looking back at the increase in European air travel in 2023, we were very pleased to learn that there was an 18% reduction in Air Traffic Flow Measures when weather related factors are excluded. This follows unprecedented collaboration between Eurocontrol and operational stakeholders, including the A6 Alliance.

Dr. Kearney also highlighted the signing of a revised Memorandum of Cooperation among A6 Alliance members in 2023, which reflects a strong commitment from A6 members to its future. As COOPANS concludes its chairmanship of the A6 Alliance, the organisation remains optimistic about the future evolution and prosperity of European Air Traffic Management.

From January 2024, Maciej Rodak, Vice President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, will Chair the A6 Alliance supported by ENAIRE chairing the Strategy Board.