Happy International ATCO Day!

The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller not only marks the anniversary of IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations was founded in october 20, 1961): it also celebrates the men and women who 24/7 help make air travel the safest possible mode of transport. It’s an incredible profession with a huge responsibility – the safe separation of air traffic requires total concentration and quick decision-making while managing multiple flights at a time.

On any given day, thousands of flights are guided safely through the skies. Whether they are carrying passengers or cargo, flight crews are responsible for their load, and when they fly they rely entirely on the professionalism of air traffic controllers, the systems they use and all the people behind the scenes.

20 October, the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, celebrates the men and women who 24/7 help make air travel the safest possible mode of transport. This year we celebrate 100 years of air traffic control, but when the global aviation drops almost 60 percent of air traffic our celebrations will look very different. It is a crisis that has not happened in aviation since the Second World War. So as aviation stakeholders, we have to stay together at this time. Everything is in our hands, but we must act as ANSP to survive and emerge stronger from the crisis. I strongly believe that by joining forces not only within the A6, but the entire industry and all aviation entities, we are able to face this crisis. Happy International ATCO Day and may our sky fill up with thousands of aircraft again! – said Janusz Janiszewski, Chairman of the A6 Steering Board.

We also invite everyone to a photographic journey showing the age of ATC! The online version of the exhibition is available at: a6alliance.net/theageofatc

Photos presenting the history of air traffic control at various European airports over the past 100 years were to be an important point of this year’s World ATM Congress in Madrid. The ceremonial inauguration of the exhibition prepared by the European ANSP agencies was planned to take place at the Polish Embassy in Madrid. Unfortunately, due to a coronavirus pandemic, the congress was cancelled, therefore the decision to postpone the opening of the exhibition was made.